Linking patient and consumer insights to solve commercial

challenges – and achieve extraordinary business results

At Aclara Research, we leverage patient and consumer insights to understand why adults use cannabis – to manage symptoms, to improve their health or for relaxation.  Our panel of cannabis patients and adult use consumers across legal markets provides insight into how cannabis is used, and how expanding legal access impacts demand for adjacent product categories.

Aclara Research partnered with a group of pharmacist professionals active within the cannabis industry to understand how patient usage of medical cannabis has impacted prescription drug and opioid usage. The team also fielded a study across the pharmacist community to quantify their perception of medical marijuana and role in patient counsel.

Aclara Research has conducted the first study of Illinois patients since the inception of the medical cannabis pilot program. This study of 296 respondents is the first, largest and most comprehensive study of the impact of medical cannabis on patient health and well-being within the Illinois market.

Learn about the leading reasons that patients and consumers are using cannabis

Trouble Sleeping
Back Pain

Aclara Research
Products and Services


Proprietary quantitative and qualitative research with cannabis patients and consumers.

  • Quarterly reporting
  • Market and Usage Insights
  • Custom Data breakouts


Custom research based on client business challenges.  Incorporate patient and consumer insights to improve business results.

  • Custom quantitative surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Online communities


Consulting Services

Leverage Aclara Research to increase growth and profitability.

  • Marketing
  • Product Concept and Development
  • Inventory and Assortment

Data and Methodology

Quantitative Research

Cannabis patient and consumer insights studies across legal markets

Qualitative Research

Focus groups and 1:1 interviews across patients with varied symptoms and health needs


Engage Aclara survey panel members in ongoing conversations about cannabis usage and effectiveness

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