A Crazy Good Opportunity

Be part of an exclusive group of like-minded entrepreneurs on a mission to scale the next mountain, examine things from a different perspective and buck the status quo of their own comfort zones! Learn from, travel with and be inspired by others who share your challenges in life and business.

Like our Crazy Ventures? Membership in Crazy Ventures is open to any entrepreneur who is crazy good at business and open to new experiences and all that they bring!






As a Venturer you will receive:

  • One-hour coaching session with Tommy and Karen O’Donnell, founders of Crazy Ventures
  • A Crazy Venture welcome kit, filled with high-quality, one-of- a-kind, artisan-made items
  • Access to networking events within the Crazy Ventures community
  • Exclusive trips for Venturers only

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Like what you see but not ready to commit?This FREE membership is for entrepreneurs who have taken a Crazy Venture or plan to in the future, as well as future Venturer members. Explorers receive:

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