“Life is short. Make it fun.”—Tommy O’Donnell

Our friends called us crazy when we told them about some of our adventurous travels together.

But we never thought these trips were crazy. In fact, the places we visited and activities we enjoyed were the opposite. They rattled us from the ordinary and brought us crazy clarity about our personal and business life. And they were fun…which doesn’t always fit into a busy entrepreneur’s schedule!

Then it hit us. We would guide a community of entrepreneurs through exciting experiences in exotic places, where they could shed themselves just long enough to be inspired by their surroundings and each other. Then, we could help them put their newly found dreams into action with our coaching.

When we purchased Traction Ranch in 2017, vision became reality. The Ranch is no longer spouting oil like it did 50 years ago, but it’s a wellspring of inspiration for those who set foot there. A rustic, 520 acre property that’s an authentic experience and playground for entrepreneurs. Sure, there’s a presentation room, but most of the learning is experiential, out on the trail, herding cattle, or just getting lost in solitude, with the silence of the prairie inspiring you, without the buzzes and ring tones of the real world.

Traction Ranch is the basecamp for Crazy Ventures. But it would be crazy wrong to stop there.

So from Peru, to Costa Rica, to glorious places in your own back yard, we’re taking our entrepreneur communities to places where friendships are forged and mountains are conquered (literally!). Along the way we’ll expand our personal and business horizons and even help serve the communities we encounter.

So what’s your craziness? We want to know and take you there.

Join us and see where being crazy can lead you…and your business.

Tommy and Karen O’Donnell

“Being with like-minded people inspires you to overcome your fears, take that leap and create a community of dream makers. Embrace the crazy adventures ahead of you!”
–Karen O’Donnell

Our “Not So Crazy” Credo

  • We believe new experiences create the best ideas. The universe is our playground, so get out there and start creating.
  • We believe that mentors need mentors and sharing stories releases opportunities. Others can help us get where we want to go.
  • We believe the best leaders in life find joy and lead with it. Life is short. Make it fun.

If you believe too, you’ll fit in just fine. We hope you’re crazy enough to join our community of entrepreneurs!