Remember when you started your business and every day was an inspiring, new, exciting challenge?

Feel like that again.

The Crazy Venture Traction Ranch experience puts you in the heart of the real and authentic—a working cattle ranch that beckons you to see what your life is like “outside of the box.”

With a backdrop of rustic prairie with Devil’s Tower looming on the horizon, there’s room for personal exploration to unearth your inner dreams and inspirations as you find clarity, connections and ideas in the most unexpected places and activities.

Learn efficiency from driving cattle and strategy from predator patrol. Develop risk-taking from four-wheeling and stress relief from communing with nature. And best of all, how it’s more enjoyable to end the night with a campfire than a TV show.

The Ranch has rustic, simple accommodations and is located outside the town of Sundance WY—where the Sundance Kid got his name.

For an adventure with like-minded entrepreneurs or a getaway with family and friends, Traction Ranch is a destination where life is lived to the fullest. Join our entrepreneur adventures here or book a getaway with family and friends here.