Why Customers Choose RingCentral Over 8×8


We know you want to select the best and most reliable phone system for your company. The communication method you choose is your lifeline to your clients, so it’s crucial that your service comes across professional and as smooth as possible. If you are searching for an alternative to traditional phone service and researching the benefits of a VoIP system, you probably realize that there are a lot of options out there. But which one can handle the demands of your business most effectively?

Two of the most popular and attractive VoIP choices available right now are RingCentral and 8×8. Let’s go over some of the reasons why customers are now choosing RingCentral over 8×8.

Positive Financials:

RingCentral’s stock price is currently trading at over $120 a share, and it continues to climb. This means that Wall Street is taking notice and buying into its vision too. It also shows that investors are willing to pay a premium for growth (even when RingCentral isn’t profitable).

RingCentral is publicly traded (which offers transparency). Public companies provide readily available information that enables CIO’s to review their financials. Then, once CIOs analyze a provider’s financial information, they can confidently make decisions on whether investing in a company is a good idea.

Additionally, RingCentral is growing at a much faster rate than its competition – including 8×8. Even though 8×8 has recently released strong revenue numbers, their momentum pales in comparison to RingCentral’s.              

Outstanding Web Conferencing and Contact Center Capabilities:

Through its partnership with Zoom, RingCentral has the best web conferencing product available on the market. Like WebEx and GoToMeeting, Zoom provides easy, convenient, and reliable audio and video conferencing on a cloud-based platform.

RingCentral and Zoom are perfect for bringing people together for business communications, training, and even classroom presentations. Whereas other UCaaS providers have very limited web conferencing capabilities, RingCentral and Zoom’s robust platform allows everyone to get more accomplished.

RingCentral also has an exceptional contact center solution through its partnership with InContact (a leader in the Contact Center-as-a-service market). By utilizing InContact, you can better manage your contact center interactions, as well as increase your efficiencies and productivity.

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Superb International Coverage:

Along with VoIP providers like 8×8 and Fuze, RingCentral also has the best international coverage offered for businesses. This coverage is especially valuable if your company is an Enterprise account (3,000 or more users) that has a worldwide presence. UCaaS service providers without an internal presence would not be a viable option for these types of organizations.

As a result of its comprehensive features and benefits, RingCentral is winning in Enterprise accounts and outpacing their competitors.       

Open API Environment:

Finally, although RingCentral owns its core software that powers its telephone solutions, it also has built a strong API (Applications Programming Interface) ecosystem. And because of its open interface (as well as their market leadership position), there are many companies and developers interested in building APIs for RingCentral. Creating innovative applications helps to add value and creates enhanced business solutions too.  Here at the Cloud Truth, our consultants aim to understand your goals to help you find the best possible technology solutions for your company. If you have any further questions about RingCentral or any other VoIP providers and how they can benefit your organization, please contact us today.  

Tim Conti

Tim Conti has over 23 years experience in the technology field working for industry leaders MCI, Nortel Networks, CDW, Shoretel, and 8x8. Tim graduated from the J. Warren McClure School of Communications Systems Management and received his MBA both from Ohio University. Over his 23 year career, Tim has helped his Customers navigate through disruption and constant change in the technology industry Frame Relay to MPLS, MPLS to IP, and the "Cloud."

Since 2005, Tim has worked exclusively in the UCaaS market working for the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders. His team has implemented hundreds of UCaaS engagements in every vertical market for his Customers, making him an expert in his field. Tim and his team created the first UCaaS Matrix 1.0, real-world analysis of the UCaaS landscape which helped early adopters evaluate, and migrate from on-premise to a hosted UC model.

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